Kochava SDK

Send data via Kochava postback to Audiens

Audiens setup

Navigate via the menu to Sources > My Sources

Click on ‘Add New Source’ and select ‘Kochava’

Click on ‘Enable’, then choose the integration name and click on ‘Save’.

Copy the code that will apear: it will be needed in the Kochava configuration.

Kochava setup

In the Kochava main page, click on the menu button of the application you want to integrate and click on ‘Partner Configuration’.

Click on the ‘Add a Configuration’ button.

Under the ‘Media Partner’ dropdown, select the Audiens one.

For each event you want to track, follow these steps:

Enter the application’s Partner Configuration settings, open the menu of the Audiens integration and click on ‘Postbacks’

Click on the menu icon of the single even you want to track and click on the ‘Edit’ option

Setup the form as follows:

App name
Key generated in the Audiens’s website
Supply network data to analytics partner
ID link key
Email key
Loyalty card id
Send all event data
Delivery delay
Realtime Delivery
Retry attempts
3 Attempts
Delivery method