Send data from your website to Audiens

This is our most flexible and powerful tracking system, using javascript. Track and analyze information about your visitors and customers, and every action that they take. Automatic segment generation with no manual mapping required.

What data you get

You’ll track your own custom events and user segments on your website using our javascript library.


    audiens('create', 'YOUR_SOURCE_KEY');

Best used for

  • Tracking user activity on your website
  • Installing analytics tools on your website
  • Non-critical user events that might be blocked by ad-blockers

What you’ll need

  • Access to the code for your website
  • Ability to write JavaScript code to integrate the website with our library
  • If you’re not comfortable with that, generally the person who built your website will know what to do.
  • We have helpful guides, but if you’re not a programmer you may want to start with one of our other types of sources.