AppsFlyer SDK

Send data via AppsFlyer postback to Audiens

What will be sent

AppsFlyer allows you to selectively choose which in-app events you want to track in Audiens. You can thus decide either to limit to a subset of events, or send them all to Audiens.


In order to use the AppsFlyer integration, you need an application with the AppsFlyer SDK installed and operating.

Audiens setup

Navigate via the menu to Sources > My Sources.

Select the 'AppsFlyer' square button.

Click on the 'Enable' button.

Choose a name and click to 'Save'.

Return to Sources > My Sources and click to the newly created source.

Copy the 'Source Key' value, which is the unique key you'll need to paste in the AppsFlyer's configuration.

AppsFlyer setup

Login to your AppsFlyer account and select the application you want to configure (you'll need to repeat the steps for each application.

Navigate via the menu to Configuration > Integrated partners.

Search for the audiens integration and click on it.

Insert the previously generated 'Source Key' in the 'app_key' configuration under the "Integration Parameters" tab.

Under the 'In App Events' apply these changes:

  • Select 'All in-app events' in the 'Send In-App events to Audiens' drop down.
  • Paste the 'Source Key' in the 'app_key' text input.
  • Under the In App Events Mappings, add all the in-app events you want to track in Audiens. The 'Audiens Events' values must be unique.

Click on 'Save & Close'.