Audiens makes it easy to set up AppNexus

Add Data Providers

To access a particular data provider's segment offering, a new Console workflow is available to make that process easier.


After selecting the data providers you want access to, refresh the page and you will see that the data provider's segments are now visible on your account. At this point, you can now run campaigns targeting these 3rd party segments.

Campaign changes

When creating or editing campaigns, if you select Pay on a per-imp basis (CPM) under Buying Strategy and then select the option to Bid a base CPM, that option will now be labelled Bid a Media Cost CPM.

Once set, you can confirm these changes as shown below.

When selecting targeting options on the Line Item or Campaign, if you select Edit button next to Segment under Targeting, the Segments page will be displayed.

The available segments (along with prices, when available) will then be displayed on the Segments screen.

You can select the various segments that you wish to include in or exclude from your targeting. To calculate the total costs of all segments selected, click Calculate Data Cost.