Your first connection
An introduction to the audiens platform

Create an account

The first step you need to take to use the Audiens platform is to create an account. The company name you will provide in this stem will be used in the external channels when they are activated please provide a valid email as the activation link will be sent to this address.

Configure a source

To start with the data on-boarding you need to create a source first, you check the integration center where all the sources are listed.

Event stream

Once the source setup has been completed you can verify the traffic in the activity stream section. This Section will display real-time data coming from your sources

Add an Audience

When the data on-boarding is completed you are ready to create cluster of users with our modelling tool. These cluster are called segments.

Configure your segment

There are 3 main value to the settings of an audience:

The expiration time (in days) before a segment is to be considered old, and will be removed from the channels.
The segment visibility determine whether the audience will be available on the data-marketplace. Private segments can be Bought only by the data provider
Express in cpm (cost per thousand), is the price of the segment on external channels.

Note: Only public segments can have a price as they will be render available on the data marketplace

Audience Builder - Modelling tool

Once the data on-boarding is completed you will be able to model yor user base using the collected data-points. This activity is done using our modelling tool. The tool will display a real-time estimate of the segment composition based on your current user pool. All the data collected from your source will be displayed in this section


Once the segment is created the system will begin the work of adding the users to the segments. In the Analytics section you will be able to see the cumulative segment count.


Setup a channel

Now that the cluster are completed you can push the taxonomy (segment name + segment category) on multiple external parties. We refer to the external platform as channels

Some channel have a seamless integration and only require you to switch the channel on.

Other channels may require additional configuration, and will display a step-by-step wizard to guide you trough the setup process.


Audiens platform offers for data provider a revenue-share model. With this agreement segments coming from your data can be sold in the public marketplace. Any revenue generated from your data will be aggregate and displayed in this section allowing you to identify the data buyers and the channel that generate the income.

Note: The revenue share model applies only to public segments sold on the data marketplace


In this section you will find report concerning:

Aggregate total value of the revenue steam
Revenue by agency:
Detailed information about the data buyer
Revenue by channel:
Detailed information about the channel

Note: Some channels may provide fewer information concerning the data usage report.