Frequently asked questions

Which digital advertising platforms is Audiens integrated with?

Audiens is natively integrated with severals digital advertising platforms. The list includes Google DoubleClick, Adform, AppNexus, Adobe Audience Manager, Google Display Network and The Trade Desk.

Do I need an IT resource to onboard my 1st party data?

The most widely used integration (web via smartag) does not need any IT effort. You can start using Audiens platform with a simple code copy-paste. S2S interface is also available for advanced integrations.

How do I sync data to my advertising channels?

Simply switch on your favourite advertising channels and insert your customer ID. Audiens will connect to the channel and stream your data privately and anonymously. As simple as that.

What kind of third-party data are available on Audiens?

Audiens offers a wide range of third-party data: demographic data from Telco operators, and behavioural segments from premium publishers, data based on semantic analysis of user’s navigation and much more.