Audiens Support

Audiens Is a Meta Data Management Platform (MDMP™) that helps you collect your data and distribute them across several channels


Integrating Audiens with your website/mobile app is very simple, just include the Audiens Code for your platform into you application/website and we will start gathering data.

Currently we provide SDKs for the following platforms: Websites, iOS apps, and Android apps. Click here to get started with your integration.

Cookie sync

To send user information to our platform you need to to setup a cookie sync procedure. This technology allow our system to recognize your user ids

Information on how to implement this part can be found in this section.

Batch File Transfer

Once the cookie sync procedure is completed, the next step would be the actual user upload. To cover this need we offer a batch file transfer via S3 upload.

The full documentation on how to proceed is described in this section.


If you have further questions or if you need support during the integration you can contact us through the support section.

Audiens MDMP™ is fully integrated on the following channels: